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Representation: My work at The Seattle Art Museum Gallery.

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Artist’s Statement

My paintings are semi-abstracted landscapes inspired in large part by places in the Pacific Northwest. The ocean, fields, mountains and grasslands, these images serve as a bridge between us and the natural world. Within each painting, I create multiple views of the land depicted in order to keep the eye constantly moving over the space.

We are all a product of landscape. In a time when our lands are threatened there is a pressing imperative to find a common vocabulary, to create a reminder of the solace often found in nature. Edmund Burke spoke about the sublime experience and its power to transform the self. I seek a contemporary version of the sublime through the creation of a fluid visual experience; one which mirrors our interactions with time and place. The paintings’ illusion of depth preserves the integrity of the picture plane while the layered rectilinear forms both maintain the illusion and, by their nature, break that very plane.

My art is not a simple depiction of a place but a reminder of our longing for nature and the concomitant complexities of our relationship with the natural world. Each one of us brings our own memories and desires to all we see. They overlap and intersect in a constantly changing dialogue.

Painted in acrylic on canvas, the work is heavily textured in places: fabric, natural materials and paper that represent the human need to touch evinced first by the physical traces of what I have created and then by a kind of haptic call to the viewer; they are a call to be touched and a reminder of how we touch nature can affect us all.

Selected Exhibitions:
2021 Seattle Art Museum, Solo show
2020 Elizabeth Jones Art Center,"For the Seventh Generation", Portland, OR Juried Show
2020 bG Gallery, "Representational Abstract", Santa Monica, Ca Juried show
2020 Seattle Art Museum, “Ground Keepers”, *Show cancelled due to Covid.*
2020 Impact Hub, Solo show, *Cancelled due to Covid*
2019 Woodhouse Winery, Woodinville, WA, juried show
2019 The Centennial Gallery, “Summer Art Exhibit”, Kent, WA Juried show
2019 SAM Gallery “Journeys”, Seattle, WA
2017 SAM Gallery, “Darks and Lights”, Seattle, WA
2017 Maryhill Museum, Goldendale, Juried show
2017 Pacific Regent, Bellevue, Juried show
2016 SAM Gallery April 7, introductory show
2016 artEAST, “Call of the Clouds” Issaquah, WA Juried show
2015 The Art Institute of Seattle, teacher show
2014 Johnston Architects, Seattle, WA, solo show
2014 3231 Creatives Gallery, Everett, WA, solo show
2014 The Art Institute of Seattle, teacher show
2013 3231 Creatives Gallery, “Arts and Letters” Exhibit, Everett, WA
2013 artEAST, “Being Human”, Issaquah, WA Juried show
2012 University House, Seattle, WA Juried show
2012 Honore Bakery, Seattle, WA solo show
2012 Soul Ease Gallery, Kirkland, WA, solo show
2011 Art East Gallery,” Art of the Written Word”, Issaquah, WA
2009 Phinney Ridge Art walk, Seattle, WA
2008 Coffee Animals, Seattle, WA Solo show
2008 Autumn’s Gallery, “Human Nature”Edmonds, WA, Solo show
2006 June, The Sanctuary Gallery, Redmond, WA, solo show
2005 June, Soul Ease, Kirkland, WA, solo show
2004 June, The Fountainhead Gallery, “New Mythologies” Seattle, WA, solo show
2004 David Maritz Gallery, Cameno Island, WA, juried show
2003 August, On the Edge Gallery, La Conner, WA, solo show
2003 February, University Unitarian, Seattle, WA, solo show
2002 June, The Fountainhead Gallery, “Allusions”, Seattle, WA, solo show
2002 The Phinney Center Gallery, Seattle, solo show
2001, Robert Canega Gallery, Euguene, OR, juried show
2001 October, Mary Vitold Gallery, “Vessels” Seattle, WA
2001 March, The Phinney Center Gallery, Seattle, WA , 2 person show
2000 Henry Art Gallery,” The Bash Invitational”, Seattle, WA
1994 Queen Anne Coffee House, Seattle, WA
1994 Art Maven’s Gallery, Solo show, Seattle, WA
1993 We “B” Art Gallery, Solo show
1992 We “B” Art Gallery, “Sticks and Bones” Seattle, WA, 2 person show
1992 Meany Hall, Two person show

Studied art at the University of Washington
Current position at the International School: Department chair and National Board Certified art teacher
Consultant for Art and Physics project at the UW
Part-time Instructor, Dept of Education, Seattle University 2019 to present

Awards and Publicity:
2021 Third place in Art Room Gallery Landscape show
2020 best in show award, Grey Cube Gallery
2020 published in Papeachu Review; issue 3, beginnings and endings
2015 WAEA Secondary Art Educator of the Year award
2003 Outstanding Middle school Educator- Bellevue Youth Link
2002 Article “Human Bodies and Nature Entwine” The Queen Anne News by Maggie Larrick
1994 Washington State Krista McAuliffe Award

Collections: art in numerous private collections